Torreon, Mexico =)

On Saturday, we got up a little bit later. Today’s goal was to visit downtown Torreon. We started with a nice tour at the theater and continued with a visit of the coin museum, including a very large safe door! =)
After a visit of the “Canal de la Perla”, a beautiful canal, going straight through downtown, we all enjoyed ice cream at the “Alameda´s park”, a nice water-park.
I just have checked the Geocaches in Mexico. There are way less and they are as well way less busy … =P
One of the few Geocaches around here is located in Torreon and we had good fun by searching for it. After 10 minutes, we found it in a street light and been FTF (first to find – the first people, who have found it =)
The cache was online since two days and as you can’t find a lot of Geocachers in Mexico (so far – now there are about 5 more … ^^) nobody went for this little box so far.
From there, we visited another park, which is similar to the “Prater” in Vienna. It felt like one of the most hot days in Vienna and we enjoyed sliding couple of times at the adventure part. Somehow, Andrea was always faster than me ?!? =P
In the afternoon, we went to a big sports club, where we had much fun going to swim. I want to point out, that all three girls together are less brutal in the battle, to fight the air ball from me, than just one of my sisters in Austria! (guess who … – Elisabeth ;)
After swimming for couple of hours, we went to church at 8pm. Even everything was kept in Spanish, I could recognize everything, as it was a Roman Catholic mass.
On our way back, we taken a stop at the hill, which marks one side of Torreon. On the top you can find a church plus a very huge Jesus statue, which is light up during the night. As we had much luck, the “Mariachi” where playing there at the same time and I got a free show! =)
The “Mariachi” is a music group, which you can find in each bigger town in Mexico. You usually ask them to play for you, in case you are celebrating special events like birthday, asking a girl, if she want to be your girlfriend or again, when you ask her to marry you.
The food in Mexico is wonderful! A lot of meat and not as hot/spicy, as I I was afraid, it might be.
Very tired but with a big smile on our face, I went to bed quite late around 1am.

2 thoughts on “Torreon, Mexico =)”

  1. Hi mein Schatz,
    freut mich, dass es dir in Mexiko gefällt und du dich mit Andreas Familie so gut verstehtst – bitte lass alle schön von mir grüßen!
    Wir sind gerade in Lintsching, waren heute shoppen und werden morgen nach Obertauern fahren, um den Schnee zu testen…
    Bussi und alles Gute,

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