going to Mexico!

I enjoyed my last evening in Dallas, at a spontain good-by-party with Seth. At the end I didn’t went to bed at all. I started to pack my big packbag around 4am, took a shower at 5am and got a lift from Jim at 6am to the airport.
I started my long jouney very tired, but in an excellent good mode, as I had a lot of fun during the last week in Dallas.
On the way from Dallas, Texas to Phoenix, Arizona, I cought up a bit sleep and talked a lot with a nice woman. She is right now moving with her family from California to Texas and I blame myself, that I once more forgot a name – I’m sorry …
In Phoenix, I had only about 30 minutes, to switch the flights, which turned out as perfect timing.
My second flight was longer and I tried to catch up some more sleep.
A very nice Mexican helped me a lot, by filling out the Mexican visa border form. It turned out to be very needless, as the border security couldn’t even speak English and didn’t read it at all! =P
My big packbag got directly routed to Torreon, while I had to get out the duty free zone in Mexico City, had to pass the border security and then check in again. I had a three hours break in Mexico City, which I first used to get some food and later tried to sleep again. =P
I never found out, why my flight was such extrem late, as they only explained it in Spanish, but my flight started to board over an hour to late.
Finally we took off about 20 minutes after we usually should have arrived in Torreon, Mexico! =P
Gladly Andrea and her family waited at the airport and picked me up from there. On my way to Torreon, I’ve sat byside of Luis Miguel from Mexico. With the help of hands and feeds, we used the time, to thought me some Spanish! =)
It was a great experience to travel with Miguel and I want to thank him, for teaching me my first Spanish!
Andreas family is very nice and I’m having good fun over her!
I actually haven’t known, that she has a second youngher sister, named Estefania In my next post, I will tell more about, what we have been up yesterday and today! ;)

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