going to Boston

My past days in Montreal were awesome! Elizabeth and I spend a very good time together, always losing track of the time, when we started to talk about life. We improved ourself by cooking Spaghetti, searching for some Geocaches, washing our clothes at a half-restaurant/half-laundry place and checking out each kind of good food! =)
We tested Putin, smoked meet and also checked out the Mexican restaurant, called the three Amigos.
Time was just flying by and ahhh – I shouldn’t forget to talk about the wonderful bagels ^^
Elizabeths flat is very nice located! It only takes two minutes to the next supermarket, the laundry, the bus (which operates 24 hours) and a bagel place, where they produce 24 hours, 7 days a week, fresh bagels =P
In the night from Friday to Saturday, I did a big mistake and went for only one hour to bed, before I had to get up in the morning.
I’ve choosen to take the Greyhound bus at 8am from Montreal to Boston and I’m sure it would have been easier in the morning, if I would have stood this one hour awake as well! =P
Leaving Elizabeth at 6:45am, I came just in time to the Greyhound station, to get a bus ticket and start another very long trip. As I haven’t slept a lot during the last night, I tried to catch up as good as possible, some sleep on the bus. Well, it worked out, but not to good, as we once had leave the bus at the border to the USA and another time, when they did a bus service at a station.
Compared to Canada, it showed clear, how much more priority the USA takes about homeland security.
Everybody had to leave the bus, line up and then answer a very lot of very detailed questions to the security officers. Telling them exactly, why you plan to travel to the USA, what you are going to do there and what you are bringing with you. Where you plan to stay and when you are planning to leave.
Some of the persons even had to come with them to a different room, where I guess, they had to answer even more questions.
At least they haven’t taken any kind of fingerprints or again a photo. It wasn’t as crazy as at the airport, and we were allowed, to leave our big packages in the bus.
They might have taken fingerprints from the people, which had to come with them. I guess, as my free visitor visa for the USA is still valid, it wasn’t any kind of problem.
I finally arrived in Boston and after chatting a long time with a desk girl at the train station, I finally bought a week pass and found my way to Elizabeth’s flat.
She’s having a room at the MIT university in Boston. Basically there are two different communities, as far as I have heard about.
The once, who like to party and build up there rooms in crazy ways -and the other ones, who are a bit more strict.
I’m glad, Elizabeth belongs to the first kind of group! =)
Her flat and everything around it, as well as the community, is just awesome!
On the one hand it sucks, that it costs such a lot to study in the USA … – but on the other hand, they really support them way better and more, compared to Europe. The community is crazy and many parties are also sponsored by the university …
Elizabeth studies mechanics and the way, people ove her like to get up and build up crazy ideas to things, is just amazing.
It’s definitely a very cool adventure, to check out this university community! =)
Even I’ve been quite tired, we checked out a party at night and I’ve finally went once more way to late to bed. =P
I will probably stay some more days here and then take a direct flight to Texas.
Also working on the city reviews from Toronto and Montreal – look forward to read soon more cool stuff! ;-)

2 thoughts on “going to Boston”

  1. Wait. Another Elizabeth? Mine appears to be the most common name in North America.

    Have fun in Boston——try to find that part of the river with the sine curve!

  2. Haha ! =)
    Yeah – I will give it a try, to find this location – might was a project from the MIT university =P
    They have crazy ideas over her !!! ^^
    Ahhh – already missing Montreal!
    It was just so nice there – and I will definitely come back sometimes, to try out cooking a real “Wiener Schnitzel” with you ;-)
    So far haven’t seen a lot of Boston – but it’s warm – I don’t even need my jacket =P
    I should warm up and return to Montreal, to cut down this fir tree! ;)
    How’s it going at your side ? – already miss me ? ;)
    Definitely check out the upper right corner of my website and add me on Skype!
    I’m already working on the review about Montreal. =)
    talk to you soon!
    -sweet hug,

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