Review of Emmaus, Allentown and Macungie

Only when you’ve been there and enjoyed living in this beautiful area, you can understand, why the people over there, like to trust in god. Thanking him for the present he gave them, as he must have been the one, who created this wonderful place.
The middle of Pennsilvania, a place not to far from New York City, the city, many Americans have started from, at some point in there families history.
A place, with history and where the history gets written down. Many people have brought tradition with them, when they arrived at this paradise.
Living there feels like staying in the updated version of the tratitional Europe. The new Europe, the bigger Europe, but in some way also the lite version of Europe, as the American life and dream is included a lot.
Everyone got a lot of space, but the villages are staying together. Less tratition, but at least more tratition than you can find at many other places in the USA.
It’s the place, you can relax from the never ending stress, which comes from the coast.
To walk through these villages almost feels too peaceful, to be part of the USA.
You don’t feel the war, you don’t feel any kind of crime and you can’t immagine having all these atomary weapons.
You see an open sky, immagine about endless options and get off all the negative thoughts of your life.
I came and saw, why people like to live there. Even you are totally lost over there whithout having your own car, it’s definitely a place in the USA, I could immagine to stay longer.
Small villages, always including a beautiful church, connected through a network of long roads with each other, in a beautiful green nature.
Only when you move to the Greyhound station in Allentown, you get pushed back to the reality. Only at this place, which is the gate to the rest of the USA, you get confrotated with all the recent problems of the United States. All the negative newslines, which are running endless through the cable TV.
And you start thinking about turning around and moving back to the peaceful place, you just came from.
It was a nice experience, to stay in this beautiful area! It’s definitely one of the places I want to return to and one of the few places, I can immagine to live longer.
It’s the place to find trust in god!

2 thoughts on “Review of Emmaus, Allentown and Macungie”

  1. Hello Sebastian, we are very impressed of your good report about the aerea yuo are mike is very glad, to hear from you, yuo are developing the pure US, a country manny Eropeans have a complete other few, made by media you do not have anny influence on thank you so much for this and have good times going on: ” lasse nichts anbrennen-:)

    lg oma& O michi

  2. Hi Sebastian, just arriver at leobersdorf with dampfpfeiferl, anna & om, Anna did a perfect drive,
    must leave, write toyou later
    love mikO michi

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