another very nice day! =)

On Tuesday Natalie invited me, to visits her at the ice skating club. There for I had to get up earlier in the morning, to make sure I will be there at 11:30am.
Natalie is just an amazing person, doing so many cool things in her free time. She is taking lessons at this very nice ice skating club, likes to go swimming a lot and also does Ballet dancing.
After I’ve watched her perfect ice skating, she invited me to lunch and we enjoyed a very good meal.
Later on Natalie went back to work and I’ve taken the subway to downtown, to walk a bit through Toronto city and get a feeling of the city life and rush.
After taking again many pictures, I returned back to Natalies home, to pack up my backpack and make everything ready to leave.
At 6pm I left Natalie’s place, but gladfully it wasn’t the last time we have seen each other – more about this in my post tomorrow! ;-)
I had to take the subway only for one station, from where Julia picked me up with her car.
Julia is as well a very interessting person with very an interesting point of few. We spent the evening with talking, until it was already half past midnight. =P

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