a long Greyhound trip continues …

Finally I’ve reached around 3am the Greyhound station in Syracuse (NY, USA), where I had to change another time the bus.
Just waiting about 30 minutes for my next connection, I went on to Buffalo (NY, USA).
After another stop in Buffalo and waiting just about 15 to 20 minutes, the bus to Toronto (finally Canada ^^) was ready for boarding. Before we started for our last way, the driver went through the bus and checked, that everybody had there passport with them.
As Buffalo is located right at the boarder to Canada, we reached the borderline after driving only for 10 minutes.
Over there, everybody had to get off the bus and take all the luggage with them inside a building. They just checked our passports and asked us, how long we are planing to stay in Canada. After giving a stamp into my passport, we were able to board the bus again. They actually didn’t even checked our luggage and I think, they haven’t even run our passport through any kind of computer system. After driving for another 1 1/2 hours, we finally arrived at 10am in Toronto.
I quickly searched for a WLAN spot, shoot Natalie an e-mail, that I’ve arrived glad and searched for an ATM machine, to get some Canadian dollars.
I tried to sleep as much as possible during this long night in the bus, but as I was anyway busy with thinking, I could only relax a bit. My eyes where closed most of the time, but I’ve been just in a half-sleep mode =P
Shortly after I’ve arrived in Toronto, I searched to find my way to my host Natalie, which agreed to share her couch with me for couple of days. =)
It wasn’t too hard to find Natalie’s flat. A wonderful penthouse apartment in the north of Toronto.
Natalie is a very nice person, always smiling and it was just so great to talk with her about so many interesting topics! =)
After I’ve arrived and a quick “hello”, I’ve taken at first a fast shower (always feel so dirty after taking the Greyhound) before we started to check out the city.
We’ve been to downtown Toronto, first walked through the university area (very big) and enjoyed a coffee, to warm up again. We walked relaxed through downtown and checked out a lot of very cool stores! =)
Also have got a “roadrunner” label, I will iron onto my small Nike pack bag. ^^
We passed the Canadian Live Station and walked to the big CN Tower. Through a very smart trick and a bit of social hacking, we managed to find a way, to get up the tower for free. =)
It was just so great to see Toronto by night and we really had a good time.
On our way back home we stopped by at a blockbuster movie store and rent the movie “The bucket list”.
Finally at home, we enjoyed having dinner in front of the TV and after a very long day, I’ve fallen, after the movie has ended, very tired, but as well very happy asleep. The day was just wonderful and I had really a great time.

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