the start of a long Greyhound trip …

Friday the 27th of February 2009 was as well not stressful at all.
I’ve got up late and spent the whole day with packing and making everything ready to leave in the evening.
I’ve planned to take the Greyhound bus at 6:10pm from Allentown and travel through the night up to Toronto in Canada.
On the Greyhound website it just calculated, that it will take between 12 and 17 hours, but that wasn’t a problem for me ^^
Bill returned today earlier from work and gave me a lift to the Greyhound station. We quickly stopped by a supermarket, so that I’ve got something with me, in case I will get hungry ;)
We reached the Greyhound station about 40 minutes earlier, as I haven’t booked any tickets online.
It wasn’t a problem to get the tickets, but actually I haven’t know at that point of time, which time the bus will leave from there. =P
The bus came just in time about 1 hour late then planned! ^^
I didn’t care to much about it, even I’ve known, that it won’t be anymore possible to make the way in only 12 hours …
The first bus brought me to Hazleton (PA, USA), where I have missed my connection bus to the next location.
I quickly checked out the Greyhound ticket and found out, that they support a free service line. After calling them from a public phone at the Greyhound station, I’ve found glad fully out, that the next bus will stop there at 11:16pm.
As the Greyhound station was closed at night, it rained a little bit and I definitely didn’t planed to wait that long in the coldness, I decided to go to Wendy’s again and enjoy a warm coffee ^^
The Wendy’s fast food restaurant was right next to the station and I’ve actually got surprised, when I entered it.
At first it was quite loud and a very lot of young people were running and jumping around. About 10 minutes later, one of them shoot some kind of trash through the restaurant and a police officer, which were standing at the corner, watching them the whole time long, told him to leave the restaurant. Shortly after this, everybody has left the restaurant, everything was still quite dirty, but from there on at least silent =P
I later asked the police officer, how it comes, they all have met there.
He told me, as they are too young to get into any kind of disco or bar, they like to come and party at any fast food restaurant. It was Friday night … ^^
Well, I’ve been the last costumer there, until they had to clean the floor at 10:45 and I walked back to the station.
There was as well a dinner club right next to the station, which has open 24 hours a day, but as already three other persons been at the station and it has stopped raining, I decided to wait there and watch the stars in the middle of the night. =)
The bus stopped in time and I’ve had a lot of luck. As the first bus would have taken me to another location, I’ve would have needed to change the bus, this bus taken me right to the station I had to go to. =)
More about my crazy trip in my next post ;)

2 thoughts on “the start of a long Greyhound trip …”

  1. Morning Sebi !
    Na, das war ja wirklich eine abenteuerliche Reise. Ich hoffe, Du bist mittlerweile gut angekommen und erlebst Toronto im Sonnenschein!!!
    Alles Liebe OMA

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