Review of New York City

New York City – the city above an underground city, which never seems to sleep and where smoke comes out the gully.
Most of the things I’ve heard about NYC before, where negative or bad news.
The first day, I’ve crashed into NYC already impressed me a very lot!
I’ve soon realized, that this city, based on the typical American dream, is not perfect, but seems to work, as everybody keeps things moving.
Nothing seems to be organized, but as everything moves, you will reach your goals anyhow anytime.
Already realized this, when we have driven in the bus crazy through Manhatten to find the international youth hostel.
The traffic, as well as the subway system and even the airplane traffic, seem to be totally unplanned and flexible. When you stand there at the Empire State Building and watch the amazing busy traffic in the air, or stand in the subway station and watch the totallt filled up trains going by, as well, when you stand on the street, looking after all these many cars – you realize, that all this is too much for anybody to plan.
Nobody would be able to controll all this and make sure, everything is always going right.
A city, which never stops running, keeping moved by a population, as big as whole Austria, is definitely one of the strong engines for whole America.
It’s the place, most of all new comers set there first step onto the land, called the USA. Searching for the real American dream and finding at first a big chaos.
Even this city isn’t clean and sometimes a real challenge, it’s definitely where the American dream starts. If you are motivated to work, New York City is a place, where your help is needed, where you might not become a millionaire, but can build up a first base to later build on!
Nearly everybody you meet here, is on the search for the real American dream – someones more successful, others less …
Many homeless people cover the street, but the people over here also understand each other in this way better and like to give and share more from what they got – as they know, those homeless people are just like them on there search for the American dream.
I actually thought, that people will be way more unfriedly, the subway less quality and the place even more dirty, when I’ve booked my flight ticket.
People told me, that it was more worse some years ago, but I’m not sure, if they might just have painted it more worth in there memories.
Just like many people tell, that the typical American dream is over, but at the end it’s just a question about your motivation and definitely still exist.
I was just impressed, that this system really works. It seems like an engine, which always runnes on top speed. Close to the point, it will blow or give up.
It’s definitely not the place and the life, we all want to be in for our whole life time. But it’s the gate, which lead you the way from any other life style or society, into the American one.
As well, it gives Americans, which are open to find there own way again, a option to start again up from zero.
Now as I’ve been there and saw, what NYC must look like for people, which never been before to the USA, I can understand, that 9/11 probably has a bigger meaning then I ever thought about it.
Even I know and still hear a lot, that 9/11 was a big shock for many people, I’m in some way impressed, how easy NYC has dealt with this. The city, which never stops working has just taken on work, like nothing has hidden them.
Something, the USA can definitely be proud of!
There engine hasn’t stopped so far – actually nobody probably knows so sure what keeps it running, but we all are glad about the way it is.
It must be a mix of the American dream, the American patriotism and the trust in god.

Even I’ve been couple of times before in the USA, it was a great experiment to see and walk through the gate, many American dreams have started.
I definitely have to return once again to this amazing place!

7 thoughts on “Review of New York City”

  1. Guten Morgen, lieber Sebastian!
    Sehr schön, was Du über Deine Eindrücke von NYC geschrieben hast. Ich hab’s ja damals mehr durch die Brille derer gesehen, sie dort zu Hause sind, denn wir waren mit der Sefi unterwegs, die dort schon lange gelebt und gearbeitet hatte, aber der Eindruck von Chaos hat sich auch uns aufgedrängt.
    Weiterhin alles Gute!! Bussi OMA

  2. Hi, Sebastian, I am glad to read, that you get a complete new few of NYC and probably the US, at example, the Richardsons, especially Lory allways keeps saying, that only bad News reach tEurope what might be, because mediamakers only are intrested in horable or sad stories, maybee, because peole love to read what they think , or what theyare learnd to think, boy you are on the right wax to become an american understandind person, you will see, that your live will change completly in futer . have a good tme, take it easy.. lve O michael

  3. Sebi
    Your Review of New York City is AWESOME I am sure that some news papers or magazines would pay you to for this review you are right on

  4. hey!
    ich kann jetzt endlich deine website aufrufen, weil sie bisher immer gesperrt war… (jetzt umgehe ich das mit freeproxies ;-) ).
    deine welttour klingt wirklich aufregend, falls du vor juli nach china kommst, musst du mich unbedingt besuchen kommen!
    lg, angelika

  5. Thank you ! =)
    I should maybe check that out ;-)
    Actually I’m planning to write down a review like this from each city, I’ve been to for a few days long.
    Hope I will find enough time to do so, as I’m now in Toronto and there is already SOOOOO much going around in my head about stuff I have to tell about this amazing nice city ;-)
    Where are you right now in the world ?

  6. Ganz bestimmt ;-)
    Ich kann noch nicht versprechen, dass ich fix nach China komme (ich weis ja nochteinmal, wo ich in 2 Wochen sein werd =P) aber wenn ich nach China komme, schau ich bei dir vorbei – VERSPROCHEN !!! =)
    Hoffe dir geht es gut – lass mal wieder von dir hören auf deiner Website – ich hab sie als RSS feed bei mir eingespeichert und bekomme immer gleich eine Meldung, wenn du wieder einmal etwas neues schreibst ;-)
    gLG SEBI=)

  7. I almost became an American, but as I’m now in Canada, I willdefinitely become a Canadian !
    It’s just amazing over here! =)
    Liebe Grüße,

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