time is flying by …

Yesterday was a very great day! =)
I’ve got up late in the morning, as I’ve been very tired from the party night ;-)
Then had to hurry up, as I’ve told Kay, that I will be there around 2pm to get my big packbag. It usually takes you at least an hour, to get to Brooklyn.
My first plan was, to get my packbag, then go back to my hostel and enjoy the day relaxed, until the party will start in the evening.
But my day got even more fun as I spent a wonderful time with Kay. After a while we went to Manhatten, as she had there a job meeting, which taken some minutes.
We then checked out a very nice and small restaurant and talked a lot by enjoying coffee and sandwitches. The time run by so amazing fast – suddenly it was 7pm, I dropped my idea about putting my packbag off at the hostel and we moved to a free Pizza place. It was the pre-superhero house party dinner event ^^
At this cool bar you get free Pizza, if you buy a beer – love the idea !!! =)
(haha – one of the things I’ve got up during the last days – showing way more emotions during talking – emotions which might would sound VERY crazy, if you translate them to German ^^ – love this – love that – love everything !!! =P)
We have met there Elizabeth and Joe. (I’m not sure, if I got the name right – I’m sorry – I’m sooo bad at names !!!)
Well, not at all names – it was very easy to remember Elizabeth ^^ – even I’m not so sure, if it’s written with a “s” or “z” in the middle – might be, that she pressed the wrong key on her iPhone.
They are both from California and I definitely will give Elisabeth (or Elizabeth) a call, when I’m around there ;-)
Again time went by so fast and suddenly it was after 10pm and all the couch surfers moved together to the house party from Brooklyn to Manhatten. Kay left us there, as well as Elizabeth, who went to a salsa couch surfing party night – I wished, I could have joint her, as they had a beginner class as well, but I had to take the save option for my left knee …
The house party was amazing – the flat was a very cool and actually big place in the middle of Manhatten. As it was the superhero house party, I was dressed as the super-statue-of-liberty ^^

3 thoughts on “time is flying by …”

  1. heey,

    hab jetzt einige zeit nicht auf deine seite geschaut und versuch gerade mit dem lesen nachzukommen:-))

    finds super, dass du uns über das was du erlebst informierst, hört sich alles ziemlich cool und lustig an *hehe*
    hoffe deinem knie gehts bald besser…

    ps. anhand deiner beschreibungen merkt man, das NYC wirklich eine wahnsinns-stadt ist!

    glg Gordi

  2. Thank you ! =)
    Even there would actually be so much more to tell ;-)
    I will leave tomorrow from New York City and still got the feeling, I’ve seen not even half of the city ;-)
    One week for New York is definitely way to less – I’ve actually planned to stay only for three days – but as I’m VERY flexible, I enlarged my timetable then a lot =P
    – but anyway should take care, to move on, so that I really come once around the world ;-)
    Well, have to leave now – going to enjoy dinner with friends =)
    Talk to you soon and thank you for reading my website,

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