a cool day =)

Yesterday has already started really cool, as I’ve decided to join the “couch crash superhero supply store tour with free hugs” ^^
When I’ve reached the meeting point in time, Kristin, who organized our trip, already stood there in here superhero pants. Holding up a big sign, saying “free hugs” and collectiong all the time hugs from many persons, who just walked by.
I joint then, but after waiting for 30 minutes, only an Austrian girl, a guy from Germany and I have reached the meeting point – everybody else got wrong directions and went immediately to the store =P
After taking the subway for 45 minutes, we’ve reached this special store as well and got together with the others, so that we’ve been then about 20 to 25 people. The store is located in Beooklyn and the idea of the store was, to create something, where children love to go to. They sell over there all kind of crazy stuff, which superheros need – as well, got a superhero fly testing area ^^
We had good fun, trying everything out and trying to fly! =P
Later on I went back to the hostel, to check out some late lunch and lay down for an hour, so that I will be ready for the party tonight.
First have been to the ReBar in Brookyn, to meet everybody and share a nice dinner with Janice from Boston. =)
It was a very nice and relaxing area and later on we all moved to the Galapagos disco/bar.
Had a good time and left the place at 2:30am together with Janice, as she had to go to Manhatten as well.
I think, I’ve reached the hostel then at 4:30am =P
Already looking forward to the next party todays evening ;-)
My knee still hurts from time to time, but it’s already getting better.
talk to you soon! ^^

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