Geocaching with Kay =)

This is the post for February the 18th, 2009 ;-)
Kay and I decided to meet today and search for a Geocache close here place. Finally I have left this youth hostel at 12:30 and made a stop at Union Square, to buy new shoes.
Now got Nike running shoes, which are not as warm, but more comfortable to wear in the youth hostel ;-)
After a coffee, Kay and I went to search for the Geocache. – and we’ve been successful! =)
My knee was quite okay again in the morning, but got really worth again on my way to Kay’s place =(
So we then went to a pharmacy store and I’ve bought some IcyHotSleeve’s.
Basically some sleeve’s, with a lot of alcohol in them – gets really cold on your skin and probably at least doesn’t make it more worth =P
… but so far don’t feel, that they really help much – it’s only getting better over night – also got some creme, which I will try out next.
I think it’s something about stretching, as I haven’t done it a lot, but walked endless …
Also have found out, that in case it hurts badly and I then stretch for about 40 seconds, it’s going good again for the next two blocks of walking.
It’s getting more worth by walking a lot, but I hope, I can get off this problem soon !
My toe’s are already doing better – at least they don’t hurt anymore at each step – also not by using my old shoes, which I might need again, in case it really will start to snow here soon.
To get back to the story – I’ve been at Kay’s place until 0:30am and finally have reached my hostel again at 2am.
More about my plans for today in my next post ;-)

One thought on “Geocaching with Kay =)”

  1. Hallo Sebastian, hoffe Du bekommst das nun schneller,

    hauptsache Du hast es schön, wenn ich Deine Berichte lese, wird mir weh im Herz, ich erinnere mich zurück an 1974, als ich das erste Mal in NY war

    liebe Grüße Michael

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