a wonderful sunset

Here comes my post for the 16th of February 2009.
After getting up quite late, I decided to visit the area south from the Empire State Building. As I’ve remembered about passing a day ago a Burger King, saying “Internet inside” and already felt my stomach telling me “I’m getting hungry”, I decided to check that out for lunch.
The lunch tasted typical American – not healthy at all – and sadly I had to find out, that the Internet there wasn’t for free. Anyway decided to pay few dollars, to send some couch surfing requests for the future. It was a great idea to buy an iPhone, but couch surfing isn’t working on it really great – looking forward to the new version of this website ! =)
After a big lunch, I have taken on my way on the Broadway and finally ended up at the place, the world trade centers have been at.
When I passed the world financial center, the sun went down and I’ve enjoyed a wonderful sunset with a great view to the statue of liberty. =)
Later on checked out the wall street and then decided to start my way back home.
My knee, as well as both of my toe’s were hurting really badly and so on, the day wasn’t so much fun.
The upcomming night was wonderful, as I had a whole room for myself and could sleep very long into the day, at the next morning.

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