a relaxing day =)

Good morning everyone =)
This is the post for Sunday the 15th of February 2009.
I actually have planned to type this yesterday evening, but you will read bellow, why I was busy there ;-)

The day actually started very relaxed. Kay and I went up at 1:30pm and first cooked a real American breakfast, which worked good as lunch too =P
We finally ended up chatting the whole day long, until it has already been after 4pm.
Finally we decided, that I will move back to Manhatten, but will leave my big packbag at Kay’s stage. Over the next couple of days her friend, the girl from Poland we’ve met the other day, will stay at her couch, as she got problems with her apartment at the time. Honestly that’s no problem for me at all, as it’s for myself kind of easier, to stay in Manhatten for visiting Manhatten ^^
– and the fact, that my packbag is still at Kay’s place, makes us both happy in the way, that we definitely know, we will see again – and then might share again a few hours =)
Kay is such a very friendly person, as well with her spirit and mind the most positive and open American I’ve met so far ! =)
I then checked out the website http://www.hostelworld.com, which Kay has shown me and found a very nice hostel close to the Central Park.
Only paying $ 18,- per night, by getting free breakfast and WLAN. This hostel is just cheaper then the International Youth Hostle, it’s also way more modern and pretty! =)
After I’ve left Kay’s stage at (I think it was about) 6pm, I stopped by at a quite large supermarked called “Dimention Food” and bought some stuff for dinner – now only carrieng my small packbag anymore with me ;-)
Gladfully there were still a few free places at the hostel and so on, I’ve checked in for two nights.
It’s basically a 18 bed stage – but the beds are all split up in different rooms on two different levels and in between there are two very nice bathrooms and a kitchen. So I’m kind in a 4 bed room =)
As I’ve been in the kitchen, eating my dinner (two Kaiser-roll with some good cheese) a guy from the US Marines has came in. I first help him out, finding his bed, and we’ve then started talking about all different kind of stuff. As he has already been to many placed At this planet, he gave me a lot of very good ideas about stuff I definitely should check out in the future.
We have then decided, to go for a drink and just started walking relaxed through the area over here. I’m here at 118 Str. and to find a bar over here is an impossible mission =P
So on we decided, to then take the subway to the Time Square ;-)
– and by side of the point, that I’ve been amazed by the Time Square at night, I enjoyed having a beer at the Hard Rock Cafe by talk about so many places, I definitely have to visit in the future ! =)
It took us actually until 2am, when we reached the hotel again – and as I decided to take a shower then, before moving on to bed, the domino effect was, that I have slept in the day long. ^^
Well, now will get up and check out New York Manhatten south from the Empire State Building ;-)
Talk to you soon! =)

2 thoughts on “a relaxing day =)”

  1. Thanks =)
    The stay was very good – actually have never heard about your video support, but now as I’ve checked it out, I’m very surprised – cool stuff !
    Definitely will use it more often in the future ;-)

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