1st time couch surfing =)

Yesterday was a very great day as well ! =)
After spending the night in a 10-bed room at the international youth hostel, I organized myself in the late morning.
Even there were some guys getting late into our room, that hasn’t been any problem to me at all, as I’ve been soooooo amazing tired ^^
I just used my sleeping-eyeprotection and got up again at 8:20am, as breakfast only goes there until 9am =P
After a good breakfast and just reading all my e-mails, I’ve had about nearly 2 hours until I had to check out at 11am -and have used the time I got, to take a shower, shave my skin and pack everything up …
Just about 5 minutes before 11 o’clock I checked out, but then have stood there another hour, to write some e-mails and check out the way to Kay, who has offered me a couch to stay at for the next day =)
At midday finally started my tour with the publics transport system, to get from Manhatten to Brooklyn. First of all got shocked, as I’ve never seen a such full and busy subway train before =P
It got quite a challenge for me, to make my way ^^
– but after all, finally have found my way and ended up at the right place – well, I still had about two hours of time, as Kay and I decided to meet between 3 and 4pm.
So I used the time, to check out the area, walking through the busy streets -eating lunch at a Pizza place and trying to refund an old plastic bottle at a 7eleven super marked (which turned out to be a quite funny situation, as nobody usually really brings back the bottles to over there – so the guy behind the desk didn’t know at first how that works ;)
Finally moved on to Kay’s place and met her just infront of the house =)
We had a very nice and relaxing afternoon, chatting by tea and coffee, cheese and crackers, and figured out, what to do at night.
We decided, to take the subway for a few stations and checked out the bay area of Brooklyn at night =)
First we’ve been at a cool bar, having cheese frits and a beer.
Kay is a very nice and friendly person, you can easily chat with about everything.
Later on we’ve checked out another bar, which was even more cool and two friends of Kay, which have moved in the past from Poland to the USA, joint us =)
After a very nice evening we reached (quite happy because of some beers^^) home at 3am and decided to sleep long into the day the next morning.
Well, not having a big plan, where to move on next – but pretty sure will stay another two days in NYC, as there is just so much to see over here =)
coming up next: the story about another very nice day =)
(well, have typed all this just after I have woken up – might not always be perfect English – take it easy – I’m in the USA =P)

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