looking forward to my world tour =)

Day by day, the start of my world tour comes closer and closer … – and as the military slowly comes to its end (very good and welcome ;), I’m getting more and more excited each second =)
So far all my plans are working very well and everything on my big project “world tour 2009” is running just perfect and most important so far: in time =)
– well … actually it’s no wonder …  as I have already spoken about 2 years ago with my family and some very good  friends, about my idea of this crazy trip ^^ =P
… please don’t ask me, at which point of time I have got the first idea, of just taking off … – it has happened any time a few years ago … =)

In some moments I just take a few on the situation, I’m in right now, from a further point of few … and sometimes even wonder a bit, that I’m still such very relaxed right now … – I will take off in pretty exactly 3 weeks from now (… that’s so far the plan ;)
– but on the other hand it’s no wonder, that I’m quite relaxed … – I have spent a very lot of thoughts about this idea and dream, during the past years … – and I have prepared myself very well with my travels to the UK in 2007, East Europe in summer of 2008 and my last “am I totally free?”-check in December 2008, when I have been for 5 days to Finland =)
I have already got most of the equipment and will get the immunisations for Asia on next Tuesday (will cost me about € 400 – I will get pretty everything you can imagine about, pumped into my body =P)
Most of my technical equipment, I will take with me, did already passed the beta tests (like my iPhone, my new digital camera and some other tools ;) …

… and so on I’m so far ready to take off in time ! =)

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